Music Rights

To play music in public areas you must fully respect the laws regarding artists’ rights and obtain all the necessary licenses for use from:

  • rights holders (artists and publishers)
  • copyright societies
  • producers and performers (neighboring rights)

This becomes particularly problematic when the project is developed on worldwide basis, due to each country’s various laws regarding copyrights.
Music Architecture’s specific knowhow regarding copyrights further highlights how we can guarantee and protect the client and his investment in the project.
Initially, we carry out careful analysis on the copyright laws in the territories where the music will be played and, before moving onto the creative side of the project, we draw up a copyrights plan.
This allows us to ensure that we can use the music selected to be included in the playlists of the project from the very beginning, so to avoid problems in the further steps.
Music Architecture centralises the license clearing process, managing all relationships with the right holders (artists, publishers, producers, performers) directly, as well as with the copyright societies in the various territories.

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