Cross Media

Music Architecture’s activities have always focussed on the contents selecting the technology in further step, according on the real needs. This is why we are able to develop a variety of musical projects to use as part of corporate and product marketing and communication strategies; below are some examples:

BRAND COMPILATION ON CD: this is an actual record production, both the audio contents and packaging can be customised. A powerful tool in pushing the brand as it is often played and passed among friends, generating a very high number of contacts.

DIGITAL BRAND COMPILATION: this is an alternative to the CD compilation, it is not recorded physically, but the collection of music tracks is distributed digitally through the company’s website, specially created micro sites, and/or digital stores such as iTunes, Beatport, etc…

MEDIA CARD: this looks like a credit card, and can be completely personalised; a secret code printed on the pack allows the owner to access a multimedia area where he can download or watch/listen music, video, photo, documents and much more, in streaming. You can include a presentation video in the access area to inform the client of all the exclusive advantages and contents available only to the cardholder. All the activities linked to the card are monitored, generating demographic and database information that shows statistics relating to visits generated by the cards, data of the registered users and gives access to detailed information about the activities of each individual card.


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